Corporate Coverage

Experts predict that global corporate travel and international assignments will increase 50% by 20201.

Now more than ever, employers are in need of health plans that will keep their traveling employees safe, healthy and productive on international short-term and long-term assignments.

GeoBlue® is a leader and innovator serving the needs of world travelers. GeoBlue group health plans combine unsurpassed service with state-of-the-art mobile technology to help expats, their families and business travelers access trusted doctors and hospitals all around the globe.

All GeoBlue plans provide members with these unique benefits:

  • Access to an exceptional provider community
  • Concierge-level service
  • Innovative mobile technology

Long-Term Coverage - GeoBlue Expat®

International major medical insurance and assistance services.

GeoBlue Expat combines comprehensive global benefits with a new generation of medical assistance services. This plan is designed for international assignees and their families when they leave their home countries for six months or more.

Short-Term Coverage - GeoBlue Traveler®

Group Supplemental Medical Benefits and Services for International Business Travelers

GeoBlue Traveler provides group supplemental medical benefits and services for business travelers outside of their home country for trips lasting up to 180 days.